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Professional Animated Menus and Signboards

Here are some video examples of Quickemenu in action:

Drink Menu

Local Weather

Food Menu

Custom Slides/Videos


Food Menu

How It Works

With Quickemenu, you update all of your content on our website from anywhere - with a computer or your phone. Updates are automatically pushed to your TVs.

Overview Video

Basic Tutorial


Here is what you need for a professional, affordable, digital signage solution:


Any Television with an HDMI input. If you have a Roku TV, you will not need a separate Roku device.

A Roku Device

A Roku Stick or other Roku device is needed unless you have the Roku TV.

Get the Roku Channel

Internet Access

The Roku device will download content from the web servers and therefore a good internet connection is needed. If the internet connection is lost, the playlist will continue to run.

Quickemenu Subscription

After your free trial, you can purchase a subscription for $9.99/month per device. There are no other costs.

QuickEMenu Free Trial, Free Setup
Only $9.99 per month per screen. Plus save up to 50% with volume pricing and our annual payment plan.

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